What are industrial adhesives for and why choose them?

Using industrial adhesives will enable you to avoid drilling surfaces for riveting. Additionally, these adhesives do not require screws, nails or welding at points where mechanical stresses are spread over limited areas

The loads are also distributed over a wider and more homogeneous area without the risk of rust forming, thus avoiding weakening the structure.


Industrial adhesives can have multiple applications with different materials and activities in the industrial sector.

Emiliana Cuscinetti offers the top brands of industrial adhesives and sealants, always industry leaders due to the proven quality of their products:


Loxeal adhesives and accessories feature a high sealing power, making them suitable for professional applications in various sectors.

There are various types, with low, medium and high resistance, and are used for different purposes, providing considerable advantages. One example are the so-called cyanoacrylate instant adhesives, which allow the instant fastening of rubber, ceramic, wood, leather, metal and plastic.

Download our catalogue to discover all the other Loxeal adhesives (threadsealing, retaining, UV-curable, etc.) and consult their technical features!


Loctite is the Henkel brand in the supply of industrial adhesives, sealants and coatings, that feature high performance and high quality (in this brand, we recall Loctite Super Attak, one of the best instant liquid adhesives, often selected for its clean and easy application).

There are various types of Loctite products to choose from to meet customers’ specific needs.

Would you like to find the Loctite adhesive that best meets your needs? Download our catalogue!



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