Sealing rings

What are sealing rings and what are they for?

Sealing rings are industrial seals with the important role of maintaining the rotating elements of the machine stable, in order to avoid the contamination of fluids from within and without.

Emiliana Cuscinetti offers the option of choosing from many rings according to various types of seal, that depend on the following variables: peripheral speed, operating temperature, operational parameters such as fluid contained, pressure and environmental conditions on the air side.



The main features of sealing rings are the elastomer element, the metal insert and the spring they consists of.

The outer surface, in elastomer or metal, plays a very important role as it secures the ring in its housing, ensuring it reliable stability, with support from the metal insert as well.

The seal lip, instead, is pretensioned with a spring, which ensures the lip’s pressure on the shaft: in case of dirt or dust, it is also possible to request a dust seal lip..


Sealing rings for rotating shafts are used with the goal of securing machine parts (shafts, hubs, etc.) and industrial applications, such as:

  • transmissions, electrical motors, internal combustion engines
  • pumps;
  • farm and construction machines, which are exposed to dirt and must ensure long maintenance intervals;
  • household appliances and washing machines, which require materials resistant to high temperatures, water and detergents;
  • wind energy sector, shipbuilding and rolling mills.


What are O-Rings?

These are round rings made with blends of thermoplastics or synthetic or natural elastomers (rubber), used as mechanical gaskets or seals.

O-Rings are compressed for insertion in special cavities, whose sizes cause a deformation in the O-rings during assembly.

In case of fluid pressure, instead, O-rings are further deformed, strengthening the load against the sealing surfaces, in proportion to the pressure itself. If there is no pressure in the fluid, the seal will still hold, thanks to the elastic reaction of the material the O-rings are made of.

Scraper rings

What are scraper rings for?

This type of industrial gasket has the main function of protecting the sealing elements of pistons, helping keep the rod clean and preventing the entry of all those elements that could damage the gaskets, such as water, dust or mud.


Scraper rings are applied to the rods of hydraulic or pneumatic pistons with reciprocating motion. They are therefore used with:

  • industrial machinery;
  • forklifts;
  • presses;
  • earth-moving equipment.

In these applications, NBR blend scrapers are usually recommended, which ensure an operating temperature between -40 and +120°C and high resistance to greases, hydraulic fluids, mineral oils and lubricants.

Would you like to discover which scraper rings are best suited to your needs? Consult our catalogue and compare all the technical features!



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